LAMA Summer 2014 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Short

“Fighter’s Room”

Dir. by Slav Zatoka

1st Place Winners


Dir. by Tim French


Dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert

Fifty year old Cobb Mills revisits every year the small California town of Dusty Springs where he crashed his car seven years earlier and killed his passenger, daughter, Tess. He blames himself for not insisting Tess wear her seat belt. An alcoholic burdened by guilt, he can never seem to shed, Cobb usually leaves a wreath of flowers at the crash site and drives back to Los Angeles. However, on this year's visit, his car breaks down.

Two thieves infiltrate a besieged medieval city, in order to retrieve an artifact. They thought they had nothing to lose. They were wrong...

Audience Award


Dir. by Tim French

A 32 year female boxer, Nadja Ropac turns her love of boxing into a professional career. Former kick boxer trains in the famous La Habra boxing club under the careful eye of David Martinez, a decorated war hero and the director of an open door La Habra Boxing Foundation that has produced champions like Librado Andrade, Julio Gonzales and Enrique Ornelas. Making her debut fight, Nadja enters a competitive world of man dominated world of professional boxing. Slav Zatoka, a photographer turned filmmaker follows Nadja during the first few months of her professional career.

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

Best International Film

“Remembering The Fallen”

Dir. by Julien Grincajgier

“Entrance Exam”

Dir. by Boqing Tang & Xiaolan Zeng

“Backup Butembo”

Dir. by Elien Spillebeen

& Martijn D’haene

This 7 min long independent 3D computer animation is made by 2 Chinese animators with 5 PC in 15 months.  The story is about how three little mice struggled to get through the entrance exam of a Taoism school .

This documentary tells the story of some extremely strong women in Eastern Congo. The region has been disrupted by a bloody conflict for more than 15 years. In the town of Butembo a positive resistance is steadily growing. The people try to regain control over their lives and destiny. When the violence in and around Butembo is suddenly growing the citizens take action, even when their own lives are at stake.

A french veteran of the second world war remembers a particular day. The day he met his old friend, Ludwig, a German soldier…

Best Experimental

Best Student Film


Dir. by David Berget

“Bye-Bye Star-Fizz”

Dir. by Charline Branger

A thriller that dramatizes the last 24 hours in the lives of Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple Church through the eyes of a reporter.

Bye-Bye STAR-FIZZ is a vintage tribute to a whole side of Pop culture (fantasy movies, films noirs and monster movies). Loosely based on the famous novel 'Alice in Wonderland', the story immerses you in a urban universe, dark and off-the-wall. Let this delirious trip carry you away ...

Best Music Video

Best Script

“Can Richard Come Out and Play”

by Richard Knapp

“Vibe-Ready For The World”

Dir. by Brad Wong

A story of a New York City boy raised by a Jewish gangster. The semi-autobiographical story follows Richard from childhood to present day. At the height of the Vietnam War he is recruited by the State Department as a covert operative. As a family man and network television production executive he travels the world and unbeknown to his family, friends, employers and coworkers he continues his covert activities.

A woman, at a crossroads in her life, is sucked into a fantasy world on her way to a job interview where her dreams are realized. Trapped there, she learns what it takes to tear off the burdens that society has placed on her and transcends to a heightened self.

Best Director


Dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert

Best Actor

Hoyt Richards


Best Actress

Kym Jackson


Best Cinematography


Dir. by David Berget

Best Costume Design


Dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert

Best Editing

Bye-Bye Star-Fizz

Dir. by Charline Branger

Best Original Score

Remember The Fallen

Dir. by Julien Grincajgier

Best Production Design


Dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert

Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners

Madam Sarina’s

Dir. by Donnie Hobbie

The Last Gentleman

Dir. by Erik Long IV


Dir. by Montana Mann


Dir. by Polina Gorbacheva

Dean Bailesol’s

Journey To Surgery

by Leonard Tachmes

Lone Star Angels

by Matthew Paris

The Crimson Confession

by Raymond Just

The Last Iceberg

by Colin Stewart

The Night Witches

by Steven Prowse

What Annie Ate

by Kate Loughnan


Category Winners

Honorable Mention

Stage IV:

Living With Cancer


Los Angeles

Movie Awards