LAMA 2014 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Short

“One Light: Exploring Article 13”

Dir. by Micaela Femiano

1st Place Winners

“Nothing In Los Angeles”

Dir. by Alexander Tovar & Rob Herring


Dir. by Christopher He

A romantic comedy-drama, Nothing in Los Angeles chronicles a young artist's bittersweet love affair with the city of Los Angeles, focusing on the fleeting nature of personal relationships and professional dreams.

In 1970s, during the cold war, British spy Adam posing as a journalist and try to steal a secret clean energy source from a scientist who hiding in underground with his daughter, and have been chased by his wife's murder.

Audience Award

“Alice Agonistes”

Dir. by Jennifer Hulum

A film crew sets out to uncover the truth about a new law in El Salvador that is removing hundreds of children from orphanages and shelters across the country.

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

Best International Film

“Man Of The Past”

Dir. by Matt Beurois

“Juanito’s Mind”

Dir. by Fernando Macedo & Rene Singer


Dir. by Aneta Kopacz

In this short, the boy JUANITO will have inner conflicts, having to deal with the hard decision of eating or not unhealthy foods.

Thanks to her blog, for many people Joanna has become an icon of a thoughtful and joyful life. The blog describes her daily life honestly and accurately: her goals are as simple as a family trip to the Polish lake district; her planning as short-term as witnessing her son’s first successful bike ride without training wheels.

She starts the blog when she finds out she has cancer and is given three months to live. Then she promises her 5-year-old son, Jas, that she will do her best to survive for as long as possible. And she starts writing for him.

The documentary shows the everyday existence of Joanna, her husband Piotr, and little Jas. It is as discreet as it is moving. Through few well-chosen words and observations it manages to be both essential and sensuous. A story of thoughtfulness in death, life and love.

Jenifer and Edward are in love since they met at Sciences Po school. But they kept their relationship secret : Jenifer is from a poor family when Edward's father is a powerful man.
They eventually organize a diner for their fathers to meet. But almost each of them will play a part to please the others... Or not.

Best Experimental

Best Student Film


Dir. by Luca Zuberbuehler

“Attack Of The Killer Bees”

Dir. by Joe Castro

Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. Therefore he isolates himself from the outer world. One day, when Lothar breaks his beloved toaster, he faces a dilemma.

All the action, thrill and excitement of a classic Sci-Fi Horror feature film in 5 minutes.

Best Music Video

Best Script

“A World Turned Upside Down”

by Randy Hatch

“Moving Out”

Dir. by Sean McCarthy

On the morning that President Richard Nixon would announce his resignation Hayden Taylor a 17 year old Tennessee high school senior awakes to his parent's murder-suicide which causes him to runaway on an improbable journey that takes him to Brisbane Queensland Australia where he meets Keely Brown a 17 year old Aussie girl who will do anything to protect him from being extradited and deported back to the United States.

A young woman stuck in her own head recalls past failed romances while a mysterious new friend helps lead her to the one who will capture her heart.

Best Director


Dir. by Christopher He

Best Actor

Bryan Chesters


Best Actress

Teri Polo

“The Last Session”

Best Cinematography


Dir. by Christopher He

Best Costume Design

Four Winds

Dir. by Nick Brokaw

Best Editing

The Big Leap

Dir. by Kristoffer Rus

Best Original Score

From The Woods

Dir. by Nicolas Wendl

Best Production Design


Dir. by Christopher He

Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners

Alice Agonistes

Dir. by Jennifer Hulum

Brother Sister

Dir. by Noam Kroll


Dir. by Roy Arwas

Dare To Dream

Dir. by Joshua Mabie

Edward The Damned

Dir. by John Weckworth

Fit To Be Tied

Dir. by Bobby B. Grubic

Four Winds

Dir. by Nick Brokaw

From The Woods

Dir. by Nicolas Wendl

High Exposure

Dir. by Cecilia Robles

Hollywood Trash

Dir. by Barry Worthington

John Bondage

Dir. by Charles Ancelle

Lie With Me

Dir. by Jeff Lewis

Mama Doesn’t Know Best

Dir. by John Heath


Dir. by Tory Nelson

Pain Staking

Dir. by Adolfo Martinez Perez


Dir. by Michelle Sainz Castro

The Big Leap

Dir. by Kristoffer Rus

The Curse Of The Un-Kissable Kid

Dir. by Mark Marchillo

The Last Session

Dir. by Tripp Weathers

Through The Wind

Dir. by Nicola Sorcinelli

Toby and The Runaway Kite

Dir. by Dana Stockton

Brooklyn Odyssey

by Tony Giordano

Jazz Music

by Michael Sieve

Lost Fatherland

by Jack Kelley

The Donation

by Liam Johnson

The Girl That Cannot Die A Chronicle

by Stephen Hebert


Category Winners

Honorable Mention

Stage IV:

Living With Cancer


Los Angeles

Movie Awards