LAMA Sping 2017 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Short

“ Bound By Ink “

Dir. by Vincent McLean

1st Place Winners

“ Non-Transferable “

Dir. by Brendan Bradley

“ Letters From Alcatraz “

Dir. by Madeline Rozwat

Stuck with travel reservations in her ex-boyfriends name, Amy decides if she can't change the ticket...why not change the guy?

It is Christmas Eve Day, 1962 and a teenage girl living on Alcatraz Island runs the risk of losing one of her best friends: an inmate.

Audience Award


Dir. by Frank Merle

Bound By Ink is a Mini Doc that follows a group of family and friends as they complete a journey, both physical & spiritual thru the desert to a remote cave to get a communal tattoo which represents the bond of brotherhood.

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

Best International Film

“ My Pretty Pony “

Dir. by Maciej Barczewski

“ William Shatner’s War Chronicles “

Dir. by Gary Laird

“ Rock Bottom And Back “

Dir. by Steven Scaffidi

William Shatner and LNL Partners (aka: Shatner Singularity) introduced a sci-fi story, William Shatner’s “WAR CHRONICLES” the Cinema Graphic Novel, as a unique new format for digital-comic content: an enhanced reading experience featuring a stylistic new dimension in animation, musical soundtracks and in-story sound effects. It expands the user experience beyond anything in digital comics now, taking the art form well beyond anything else in the marketplace.

Rock Bottom and Back, narrated by Danny Trejo, chronicles the personal journeys of people from all walks of life, celebrities to ordinary people, who overcame insurmountable adversities and now give back to others in amazing ways.

An elderly man, nearing death, gives his young grandson an unusual gift and tells him about the transient nature of time.

Best Experimental

Best Student Film

“ Love Made Visible “

Dir. by Liang Zhao

“ Dazed “

Dir. by Jason Herring & Ezra Spurrier

A 16 years old girl was brought to a house by a lawyer and she was told that this house belongs to her dad who she have never seen in 14 years. Strangely, she was told by her passed away mum that her dad died in a car accident long time ago. From not accepting her dad to once again bond with him again, what happened? What happened 14 years ago? We can find out the answer from her mums will and their confrontation.

Eric’s visionary descent into the drug culture of the '90s and his inspiration to Grunge Rock ascension.

Best Music Video

Best Script

“ The Guide “

by Eric P. Granger

“ Taylor Tote - Fighter “

Dir. by Kostas Lymperopoulos

In 1905, Adirondack guide Morgan is reunited with his childhood friend, Daniel. When Daniel brings his fiancé, Elizabeth, to Lake Placid for the ceremony. Tensions mount between the city folks and the rugged mountain people, as sparks begin to fly between Morgan and Elizabeth and the three must choose between their hearts and their lifelong friendships.

On August 16, 2012 three-year-old Natalie Grace was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In the summer of 2015, while looking for a band to perform at their next fundraiser, Andrea, Natalie + Hannah's were introduced to the music of local singing sensation singer/songwriter Taylor Tote.

Best Director


Dir. by Brendan Bradley

Best Actor

Michael Boston

“ Dress Rehearsal ”

Best Actress

Sydney Sweeney

“ Love Made Visible ”

Best Cinematography

Letters From Alcatraz

Dir. by Madeline Rozwat

Best Costume Design

Letters From Alcatraz

Dir. by Madeline Rozwat

Best Editing


Dir. by Brendan Bradley

Best Original Score

Love Made Visible

Dir. by Liang Zhao

Best Production Design


Dir. by Brendan Bradley

Official Selections, Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners


Dir. by Frank Merle

Dress Rehearsal

Dir. by Michael Boston

LA Stories

Dir. by Daniel Rieber

Psycho Therapy

Dir. by Staci Layne Wilson


Dir. by Adrian Selkowitz

When It Rains

Created by Tayla Schaffner &

Dir. by Kellen Gibbs


by Stephen Settle

Elizabeth Hazel And The Day Of Desires

by Katie Humphrey

Girl In The Painting

by Scott Williamson


by Roberto Lemos

Only She Knew

by Lance David Tate


by Todd Sorrell


Category Winners

Honorable Mention

Stage IV:

Living With Cancer


Dir. by Mariana Conde & Mariana Conde

“Caught Inside”

Dir. by Dwight Thompson

“Chuck Ransom”

Dir. by Arian Harandi

“Daddy Come Home”

Dir. by Mendel Katz & Yisrael Dubov


Dir. by Thanos Kermitsis

“Jaysin Voxx 'Hands on Me'”

Dir. by Carlos Hurtado


Dir. by Nancy C. Mejia

“The Courier”

Dir. by J.Mackye Gruber

“The Equation of Life”

Dir. by Gerry Orz

“The Stop”

Dir. by Marc Ruiz

“Two and a Quarter Minutes”

Dir. by Joshua Ovalle

Official Selections