LAMA Fall 2018 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Documentary Short

“ Feeding A Cause “

Dir. by Jonathan Graham

1st Place Winners

“ Cathedrals “

Dir. by Benjamin Caro

Inspired by the popular Raymond Carver story, “Cathedrals” is about a young husband who, through a strange, almost psychedelic experience with a blind man, is able to see his marriage from a new perspective.

Audience Award

The Voice Within

Dir. by Ernesto Sandoval

A non-profit organization fights food insecurity in Orange County, California by giving the resources to those in need and touching the lives of people in the community.

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

Best International Film

“ The Shipment “

Dir. by Bobby Bala

“ Nini “

Dir. by Yingzong Xin

“ Explosion Theory “

Dir. by Andrey Istratov

Cici's good friend Nini was taken away. At midnight ,Nine returned to her friend and tried to tell here something.

In 1966, the Soviet physicist, uncle of movie's author, makes a discovery which then becomes decisive in the 'aluminium' opposition of rocket technologies of the USSR and the USA during the cold war. What will happen to this physicist in 1988?...

Unable to afford the repairs to his old broken ship, a struggling interplanetary transporter becomes stranded with his young daughter on a wretched spaceport as his morality is put to the ultimate test.

Best Experimental

Best Student Film

“ When The Shadow Falls “

Dir. by Jeseung Woo

“ Glissando “

Dir. by Min Shi

After witnessing the suicide of a passing stranger, Jane becomes haunted by the horrible question: "Could I have done something?“ When the stranger's widow comes calling Jane must face her shadow to find the answer they both need.

The remnants of loss and war.

Best Music Video

Best Script

“ Jonath “

by Luis Gerardo Pascual

“ Stand Down “

Dir. by Dana Tynan & Kario Salem

The year is 2415, and after several wars and catastrophes, the Earth has become a place inhabited by outlaws and exiles. Mankind has conquered the galaxy. The human race has managed to expand to new planets, coexisting with new races from different solar systems.

A haunted ex-soldier suffering from PTSD on a journey toward the ultimate confrontation with HIMSELF.

Best Director

The Shipment

Dir. by Bobby Bala

Best Actor

Brendan Sexton III

“ Cathedrals ”

Best Actress

Julia Parker

“ Passage ”

Best Costume Design

The Shipment

Dir. by Bobby Bala

Best Editing

The Shipment

Dir. by Bobby Bala

Best Production Design

The Shipment

Dir. by Bobby Bala

Official Selections, Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners

Only A Movie!

Dir. by Teddy Cecil


Dir. by Trevvor Riley

F***, Marry, Kill

Dir. by Scott Donavan

Memories Of My Father

Dir. by Mark Logan


Dir. by Nick DenBoer & Kenny Hotz


Dir. by Linda Palmer

The Voice Within

Dir. by Ernesto Sandoval

Arizona Sunrise

by John Martins IIII

At The Mercy Of Faith

by Samuel Taylor

Ball Of Fire

by Sean Coleman

Indian Billy Ice

by Jerry Ice

The Keeper

by Danny Wright

The Night Witches

by Steven Prowse


Category Winners

Honorable Mention

Stage IV:

Living With Cancer


Dir. by Mariana Conde & Mariana Conde

“Caught Inside”

Dir. by Dwight Thompson

“Chuck Ransom”

Dir. by Arian Harandi

“Daddy Come Home”

Dir. by Mendel Katz & Yisrael Dubov


Dir. by Thanos Kermitsis

“Jaysin Voxx 'Hands on Me'”

Dir. by Carlos Hurtado


Dir. by Nancy C. Mejia

“The Courier”

Dir. by J.Mackye Gruber

“The Equation of Life”

Dir. by Gerry Orz

“The Stop”

Dir. by Marc Ruiz

“Two and a Quarter Minutes”

Dir. by Joshua Ovalle

Official Selections