LAMA Spring 2019 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Documentary Short

“ INSIGHT Hell On Earth “

Dir. by Joeseph Murkijanian

1st Place Winners

“ Purgatorio “

Dir. by Gabriel Manso

The year of 2029, post world war 3, Brazil. Julia goes with Tomas in a mission to take a prisoner to her punishment. However, a unexpected revelation changes all the perspectives and points of view about the situation, bringing great conflict between the characters. A Sweet Filmes production.

Audience Award

Portrait Of A Woman At Dawn

Dir. by Cullen Douglas

"An eight year old Catholic girl is separated from her family and mistakenly sent to Auschwitz where she is watched by a Jewish Women scheduled for extermination."

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

“ Anacronte “

Dir. by Raul Koler & Emiliano Sette

“ Gray Is The New Blonde “

Dir. by Victoria Marie

Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.

En masse, women all across the world are choosing to ditch the dye and embrace their gorgeous grays. They are no longer willing to succumb to the outdated notion that they must cover their grays in order to be attractive, desirable and respected members of society. No more are they 'washing the gray right out of their hair.” Instead, they are bravely going against the social norms and this film, Gray Is The New Blonde will serve as an historical account of this cultural shift. Produced and directed by emerging filmmaker Victoria Marie, this documentary will explore how the world has negatively viewed women with gray hair for decades, and more importantly how this has begun to change. 

Best Experimental

Best Student Film

“ Dante Falls “

Dir. by Nancy Lin

“ We Shall Overcome “

Dir. by Kelvin Shum

Spunky teen Nova Dante has one job: caretaker to the Dante family cemetery and the ghosts that live within. With her parents away, Nova must balance her work and personal life as she and her inattentive Shinto priest boyfriend accidentally release evil ghosts that threaten to take over the world. 

In this grotesque universe, yearning students of different gender & race participate in what appears to be a ritualistic exam.

Best Music Video

Best Script

“ Sheathstar “

by Matthew Sheather

“ Contemporary Woody Guthrie “

Dir. by Joel Umbaugh

A police constable who works along with his parents found an alien species and he plans to escort it to another planet. But before he succeeds, he is shot down, captured along with his friends by an advanced military of terrorist, and its leader who forced them to work alongside them. Later on, while he's in captivity, they finally go AWOL and return home to Earth with his friends. As soon as a massive threat arrives, knowing the same terrorist and their leader are plotting to destroy, the fugitive team will do what it takes to protect their home with the help of a powerful superhero who will lead them to victory

Black and white imagery explores the divisive, money centric, culturally segregated America that Guthrie opposed. An idea reignited by his contemporary, Kay the Aquanaut. 

Best Actress

Julia Lehman

“ My Baby Is A Bike Helmet ”

Best Cinematography

“ Purgatorio “

Dir. by Gabriel Manso

Best Costume Design

Portrait Of A Woman At Dawn

Dir. by Cullen Douglas

Best Editing

Take What You Want

Dir. by Izzy Ezagui

Best Original Score

“ Purgatorio “

Dir. by Gabriel Manso

Official Selections, Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners


Dir. by Nick Laurant


Dir. by Robyn Killian


Dir. by Yuchao Lai

My Baby Is My Bike Helmet

Dir. by Roxanna Dunlop & Arden Grier


Dir. by Kinnik Sky

Portrait Of A Woman At Dawn

Dir. by Cullen Douglas


Dir. by Sutton Mckee

Take What You Want

Dir. by Izzy Ezagui

This Is Fine

Dir. by Roth Rind


Dir. by Laura Stabilini

  Friends Or Foes

by Tim Quinn

  May A Girl Sit Here

by Stuart Schulz


by James Fox

  The Bliss Killer

by LeLe Park

  The Decline Of Daisy de Melker

by Tony Bryan


Category Winners

Honorable Mention

Stage IV:

Living With Cancer


Dir. by Mariana Conde & Mariana Conde

“Caught Inside”

Dir. by Dwight Thompson

“Chuck Ransom”

Dir. by Arian Harandi

“Daddy Come Home”

Dir. by Mendel Katz & Yisrael Dubov


Dir. by Thanos Kermitsis

“Jaysin Voxx 'Hands on Me'”

Dir. by Carlos Hurtado


Dir. by Nancy C. Mejia

“The Courier”

Dir. by J.Mackye Gruber

“The Equation of Life”

Dir. by Gerry Orz

“The Stop”

Dir. by Marc Ruiz

“Two and a Quarter Minutes”

Dir. by Joshua Ovalle

Official Selections