LAMA Fall 2023 Winners & Selections

Best Narrative Short

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Short

“ Prescribed Shadows  “

Dir. by RJ Hall

1st Place Winners

“ In Isolation “

Dir. by Alexey Meets

“ Chasing Cargill  “

Dir. by Isaac James Ipsen

Four friends wanted to get away from it all for a birthday celebration in a remote country house, but when a mysterious injured man turns up on their doorstep telling tales of a city ravaged by a mysterious epidemic and the looters who have pursued him, the friends rally to help. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems, plunging the friends into a battle for survival that challenges their deepest fears.

Tragedy, Vengeance, Blood - This is a gritty tale in the American West of a man who lost his childhood, and wants to make the man who took it pay dearly.

Audience Award

“ ???  “

Dir. by ???

Have you ever wondered if medications always lead to a happy and peaceful life? Do medications ever have life altering side effects? Prescribed Shadows is a short film that tells the story of one man’s journey of how one medication has the power to change everything, but not always for the good.

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animation

Best International Film

“ The Pencil  “

Dir. by Thomas Calvin Schultz

“ zzzzz  “

Dir. by zzzzzzzz

“ Ennio  “

Dir. by Giuseppe Tornatore


Ennio focuses on the figure of the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who passed away on 6 July 2020, made through interviews with directors, screenwriters, musicians, songwriters, critics and collaborators who have worked with him or who enjoyed throughout his long career.

Sara, a struggling artist who discovers a unique pencil that can solve all her problems. But her dreams turn into a nightmare when a malevolent demonic creature from Kazakh legends gets unleashed.

Best Experimental

Best Student Film

“ A Work Of Heart  “

Dir. by Sager L'Khrebani Al Nuaimi

“ Metanoia  “

Dir. by Christopher Dodge

In Renaissance Italy, a gifted painter becomes entranced by a merchant's wife when commissioned to paint her necklace. Their forbidden connection fuels a creative fire, resulting in a masterpiece that transcended art as we know it.

A group of strangers awaken to find a dark fate.

Best Music Video

Best Script

“ Sacred Sun  “

by Michael Louis Gould

“ Upside  “

Dir. by Sean Cartwright

A horrific animal experiment carried out by the military at a solar energy plant in the southern deserts of North America sets off a series of strange, ominous events.

Upside is a modern fairytale that showcases a dystopian world ruled by women who hunt men for pleasure and force them to fight & perform against each other for their survival. The film is a commentary on consumerism, ownership, and lusting after one’s desires.

Best Director

“ In Isolation “

Dir. by Alexey Meets

Best Actor

Ilya Ilinykh

“ In Isolation ”

Best Actress

Darya Avratinskaya

“ In Isolation ”

Best Cinematography

“ A Work Of Heart “

Dir. by Sager L'Khrebani Al Nuaimi

Best Costume Design

“ Chasing Cargill “

Dir. by Isaac James Ipsen

Best Editing

“ Magician: Game of Detective “

Dir. by Tanxuan Shi

Best Original Score

“ In Isolation “

Dir. by Alexey Meets

Best Production Design

“ Chasing Cargill “

Dir. by Isaac James Ipsen

Official Selections, Category “Best” and Honorable Mention Winners

“ A Matter Of Time “

Dir. by Angel Estrada Fuentes

“ Bleeding Grey “

Dir. by Ehrich Rosen

“ Cottonmouth “

Dir. by Hailey Naomi Irvin

“ Magician: Game Of Detective “

Dir. by Tanxuan Shi

“ The Catastrophe “

Dir. by Kendall Christianson

“ The Right Choice “

Dir. by Peter Banachowski


“ Carnevil “

by Anthony Cross

“ Everglow “

by Mohammed Mamdouh

“ Max and Maria “

by Rosalyn Rosen

“ Paradise Destroyed “

by Robin Neil Chambers

“ The Shroud Trinity “

by Frank McEvoy

“ The SICKEN: AWAKENING - Chapter 1 “

by Danny Alex


Category Winners

Honorable Mention


Dir. by Mariana Conde & Mariana Conde

“Caught Inside”

Dir. by Dwight Thompson

“Chuck Ransom”

Dir. by Arian Harandi

“Daddy Come Home”

Dir. by Mendel Katz & Yisrael Dubov


Dir. by Thanos Kermitsis

“Jaysin Voxx 'Hands on Me'”

Dir. by Carlos Hurtado


Dir. by Nancy C. Mejia

“The Courier”

Dir. by J.Mackye Gruber

“The Equation of Life”

Dir. by Gerry Orz

“The Stop”

Dir. by Marc Ruiz

“Two and a Quarter Minutes”

Dir. by Joshua Ovalle

Official Selections